Juiceletter: Reconnecting with Passion and Purpose

February 18, 2021

By Dominique Cadiz, Chenny Sarmiento, Dean Erenea, and Jamie Papa
Art By Sydney Udag

Love is alive, and it is everywhere. It’s in every single breakfast your mom has prepared for you, the stream of messages from your friend whom you fell asleep on, and the excited running of your pet every time you come home.

Love can seem to be hidden. But in little ways, you can find it.

We all express and experience love differently. And from person to person, circumstances differ, so more often than not, life does not go the way we expect it to.

The trials and tribulations we face in the present get in the way of our happiness. We are trapped by daily routines and strangled by old habits. We forget what it’s like to pursue passions, cultivate connections, and love life the way it should be loved. Ultimately, to exist means to survive, which makes us forget how to live.

However, it is possible to change the way we live. We can remind ourselves of how it used to be. By understanding one another, fighting for what we love and yearn for, and expressing what matters to us most, we can transcend our troubles and revive the humanity within us.

This time, Juiceletter can work with you in reconnecting with your passion and purpose.

With our newly-built platform, we intend to continue giving you the content we’ve been known for since we started. But this time, we are coming back better than ever, with a renewed energy to ‘Make The Squeeze’ with the latest advertising ideas, creative concepts, relevant trends, and… well, the latest with you.

Your experiences. Your loves. Your life.

We’ll bring you the latest in order to help you return to the love you’ve been missing. All you have to do is join us.

What are you waiting for? Choose to Make the Squeeze with us, because we choose you.

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